Sending SMS (Short Message Service) or generally known as text message is one of the greatest advantages of using mobile phones. Although it is a cheaper way of getting in touch with someone and most of the people find it convenient also.    Feature such as forwarding love quotes and romantic sms.  We all like funny stuff, it can really change your mood and make you feel good. Although sometimes these jokes are not funny, but still the way they are written or told is very different. Depending on your interest you can search for all types of jokes. Some jokes are very simple, but still they change our moods. And some jokes are very silly, but they really make us laugh.

Jokes can be dirty too, so before telling them to anyone, you should once read it. Otherwise you won’t be able to read the last line and will feel ashamed among your loved ones. The reaction of the listeners may also not be good. Some find the joke offensive, too clichéd, or find it really funny.

Cell phone is a very easy way of sending these jokes. So, most of the people use it to connect with their friends or family members. Sometimes people don’t bother about the limits and make jokes on religion too. But, before passing these messages, just have a look, as it can hurt anybody. Making fun of any religion is a bad habit, so try to ignore these jokes. It is the easiest way through which you can be friends with anyone, if the message is passed in a simple way. You can really bring joy in anyone’s life. So stay connected for more updates and latest jokes, which you will really like to share.